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Group Funeral Plan
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This product is offered to members of a group which is in existence for a certain purpose especially employment. Premiums are calculated based on the size of the group and cover may also be provided for family members and dependants of the members of the group.

Salient features of the group funeral plans

Maximum entry age:Maximum entry age for policyholders is 65 age next birthday and 80 age next birthday for dependants.
Covered Lives:The product covers 2 adult lives. Any additional lives are covered at an extra premium per life.
Children:The principal member’s own children are covered for free up to the age of 18 or 23 if attending tertiary education. The maximum number of children covered for free is four. Any additional children are covered at an extra premium per life.
Medical underwriting:None.
Premiums:Premiums are payable on the 1st day of every month. Premium reviews are done annually taking into account past experience and the prevailing general commercial and economic environment. Members shall be notified of any changes relating to premium rates and benefits in writing.
Casket:The casket is dependent upon the chosen plan.
Grocery allowance:Payable upon the death of a covered life. The grocery allowance payable for children aged below the age 14 is a percentage of the amount payable to the policyholder as stated in the terms and conditions.
Waiting periods:The waiting period for this product is 3 months. However, accidental death is covered if it occurs during the waiting period.
Grace Period:A grace period of 2 months will be given if a premium is not received on the due date. If premiums are not received during the grace period, the policy will lapse once the grace period elapses.
Term of Policy:Renewable annually