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Cash Funeral Plan
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The Moonlight Cash Funeral Plan is a micro insurance product with very low premium rates. The package comprises of basic funeral services and a cash pay-out.

Salient features of the Moonlight Cash Funeral Plan

Casket:The casket is dependent upon the chosen plan
Cash Pay-out:Payable upon the death of a covered life. The cash pay-out for children aged below the age 14 is a percentage of the amount payable to the policyholder as stated in the terms and conditions. 
Minimum and maximum entry ages:The minimum entry age is 18 age last birthday and maximum entry age is 65 age next birthday.
Minimum and maximum entry ages for dependants:Dependants may be covered from birth and maximum entry age for dependants other than own children are 65 age next birthday.
Term of Policy:Cover is for 12 months and is renewable annually.
Premiums:Premiums are payable per life and are due on the 1st day of each month 
Waiting Period:The waiting period for this product is 3 months. However, accidental death is covered if it occurs during the waiting period. Waiting period for suicide is 6 months.
Grace and reinstatement periods:A grace period of 1 month will be given if a premium is not received on the due date, followed by a 3 months’ reinstatement period. If a premium is received during the reinstatement period, cover is reinstated immediately and missed premiums do not need to be back paid.
Covered Lives:A policyholder may cover as many lives as they wish as long as there is insurable interest.